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Posted in Blogging on January 4, 2023 by Shoaib Akram

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We all know the saying, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." For some of us, our hobbies turn into more than just something to pass the time - they become a passion that drives us to achieve great things. 

In this post, we'll be counting down the top 20 bloggers who have been able to turn their hobby into a successful career. From travel and lifestyle blogs to cooking and DIY websites, these bloggers are earning a living by doing what they love.

So if you're feeling stuck in your nine-to-five grind, take some inspiration from these hardworking individuals and start blogging about your hobby today!

Introduce the hobby blogger niche

Hobby bloggers are those who blog about their personal interests and passions, be it a collection of antique cars or baking cupcakes. There are hobby bloggers from a variety of backgrounds, ages and lifestyles, making them an interesting set to explore. They come together on social media networks focussed solely on blogging through which they share their interests, ideas and experiences.

You can find discussions centred around new projects, challenges they have encountered while creating a project and advice on how to handle certain aspects. This type of blogging is incredibly important for artisans, collectors and creators because it provides an excellent platform for them to discuss what they do and show off the things that make them passionate about their craft.

Describe the top 10 bloggers in this niche

1. Rob Cockerham: Rob is a self-proclaimed "hobby hacker" and his blog,, is dedicated to exploring the world of DIY projects. He has created an impressive range of creations, ranging from life-size versions of board games to homemade escape rooms.

2. Miranda Austin: The creator behind the popular blog, A Healthy Slice of Life, Miranda is a health and wellness blogger who loves to practice yoga and shake up her workouts with new activities. She often shares tips on how to fit exercise and better eating habits into a busy lifestyle.

3. Joshua Fields Millburn: Joshua blogs at The Minimalists about his journey towards living a better life with less. He shares his story on how he found success and happiness by downsizing and decluttering his life to focus on the essentials.

4. Taylor Sterling: On The Glitter Guide, Taylor documents her journey as she travels around the world in search of inspiring beauty trends, style tips and fashion finds. She has built a loyal following as she shares her love of culture, travel and beauty.

5. Ida Skivenes: Ida is the creator behind Aesthetic Outburst blog which celebrates classic design, mid-century modern furniture and DIY projects. She has an amazing eye for detail and a knack for bringing vintage finds back to life with a modern twist.

6. Annette White: A writer, photographer and travel enthusiast, Annette's blog is all about exploring the world on a budget. She has traveled to over 40 countries and shares tips on how to save money while still having a great time.

7. Laura Gummerman: Laura writes blog posts at A Beautiful Mess full of inspiration for living a creative life. She loves to craft and share ideas on how to add a personal touch to everyday items with DIY projects, recipes and home decorating tips.

8. Marie Kondo: The famous tidying expert behind the KonMari method, Marie is a lifestyle blogger who teaches simple organizational techniques that help people declutter their homes and their lives.

9. Emily Henderson: On her blog, Style by Emily Henderson, Emily shares ideas on how to create beautiful and practical spaces in your home. She has an eye for design that is both timeless and modern at the same time.

10. Marla Cilley: Known as The FlyLady, Marla runs a popular blog and podcast where she helps people learn how to keep their homes organized and clean with her simple organizational tips. She believes that a tidy home is the key to having peace of mind. 

11. Julia Dang - Julia is a professional travel blogger and avid hiker who has been travelling the world for years. She shares her experiences through her blog, which features breathtaking photos, tips and advice for anyone looking to explore new places.

12. Sia Cooper - Sia is a fitness enthusiast and competitive bodybuilder who has made it her mission to help others reach their health and fitness goals. Through her blog, Diary of a Fit Mommy,she shares her knowledge and provides motivation through her weekly workouts and recipes.

13. Jeff Goins - Jeff is an author and professional speaker who loves writing about creativity and the power of storytelling. His blog, Goins Writer, features inspiring stories and practical advice to help writers hone their craft.

14. Monica Vinader - Monica is the founder of her own jewelry brand, and her blog serves as an inspiring platform for fashion and lifestyle lovers alike. She shares her insights and tips on how to style different pieces from her collection.

15. Alexis Ohanian - Alexis is a serial entrepreneur and investor, who is also passionate about food. He shares his recipes and cooking tips through his blog, Making it Rain in the Kitchen.

16. Kimmy Pritchard - Kimmy is an avid reader, book reviewer and author who runs her own publishing company. Through her blog, Book Bites, she provides insightful reviews of the latest books and authors.

17. Emma Chapman - Emma is a fashion designer who loves to explore the trends of the season and create her own unique looks. Her blog, A Fashionista's Guide, provides readers with her latest style picks and advice on how to look their best.

18. Jake Paul - Jake is a music producer and DJ who has been producing beats and making music for over 10 years. Through his blog, Beat Masterminds, he shares tips and advice on how to get started in the music industry.

These hobby bloggers have created amazing bodies of work for all to enjoy, learn from and be inspired by. They demonstrate the power of blogging to connect people with similar interests and build an engaged community of like-minded individuals. By sharing their knowledge, experiences and stories, these bloggers have become a valuable resource for artisans, collectors and creators everywhere.

Everyone can learn something from these inspiring hobby bloggers! They are a great source of knowledge and inspiration when it comes to creating, crafting and collecting.

Final Thoughts

From captivating stories to clever DIY projects, these bloggers have something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for some creative ideas or need some guidance on how to handle certain aspects of your hobby or creative project, these bloggers are a great resource. Take some time to explore their work and you’re sure to find something that will spark your interest and get you motivated. Who knows? You may even end up becoming the next big hobby blogger yourself! 

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