Can I Upload Udemy Video on YouTube

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Can I Upload Udemy Video on YouTube

I often got two questions from my students as a premium Instructor at Udemy for years now. They want to earn online money by creating a course that stands out and gives the students what they want.
1: Can I upload Udemy video on YouTube?
2: Can I upload videos from YouTube that you already created?

Let’s first tackle the second question because it is easy to answer!

Can I Upload Videos from YouTube to Udemy?

On Udemy, anyone can create free courses. But if you want to charge your students, you have to become a Premium Instructor.
According to Udemy, there is no fee to open a Premium Instructor account.

To upload YouTube videos on Udemy:

  1. You must not have a Premium Instructor account on Udemy.
  2. You must not have a part of Udemy Business.

But please note you cannot charge for it on Udemy as it is free on YouTube.

Can I upload Udemy Video on YouTube?

The second case occurs if you have created a successful course on Udemy. Now, you also want to upload your content on YouTube as well.

Udemy doesn’t allow you to upload your paid videos for free on YouTube.It is against the terms and conditions of Udemy.

But I have seen some instructor share paid course content on their YouTube channel, but none were completed. You can use some videos for sure, but not the whole course.

Can You Please Share any Exapmle of Udemy Instructor?

Some of you are still confused about sharing your Udemy content on YouTube. I got you!
Here are some examples from Udemy's best-seller courses.

Ferdy Korpershoek

One of the leading experts in WordPress. If you want to learn Elementor for free, nobody can teach you, like he explains every bit of information in detail.
You can learn ten unique WordPress Skills for Free on his Youtube channel. Form SEO To Elementor PRO and Complete Website Creation courses containes horurs of vidoes.

Ferdy Korpershoek Udemy Courses

He has published a well-rated course about Elementor - WordPress most popular drop and drag page builder. Complete Elementor WordPress Course contains two parts. One part concerns the basics of Elemntor, which you can learn simply by installing the Elementor plugin through the WordPress repository. The second part is about Elementor Pro, all the building blocks needed for professional, responsive websites.

He has the same playlist on Youtube with the name Elementor Pro. You can find the same videos he has on Udemy in the 2nd part of the course.

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