How to install Urdu Font on Laptop & Computer

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Are you looking to install Urdu Font on laptop? So, you can type your important documents into your own language. Then you are at the right place. This article will help you to add Urdu Fonts on your PC as well as on your laptop.

Let's get Started!

What do you need to type in Urdu on your Laptop?

We know you are anxious to start this journey. But please hold on!

First, we need some tools that will help us to write in the Urdu language. But please keep in mind all of these tools will vary depending on which operating system you are using.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 have the option to add an Urdu keyboard. In case you are using Windows 7 and looking to add Urdu Keyboard, then keep reading this guide.

Downloading Urdu Keyboard For Windows 7,10 & 11

Now let's see how can we add an Urdu keyboard to any operating system that you want.

Pak Urdu Installer is one of the most popular and top-rated Urdu keyboard for typing Urdu in any application that supports the Urdu Langauge.

Downloading Pak Urdu Installer

Installing Urdu Keyboard on Laptop

After your keyboard downloading has been done follow these steps to install the software on your system.

1: Open your file using Winrar on your Laptop.
2: Double Click on the file to install the software.

Double-click on the file to install

3: After the installation is done it will ask you to restart your laptop. Click on YES to enable the Urdu Keyboard.

Restarting the laptop to enable the Urdu keyboard

4: After restarting the laptop you can find ENG at the right bottom corner. You can select the Urdu Pakistan keyboard option to type in Urdu.

Select the Urdu Pakistan option to type in Urdu

How to download Urdu Fonts for Laptop

Now we have set up all of our environment. It is time to find and download the Urdu font for a laptop.

There are plenty of websites out there which are providing free Fonts. But it is very difficult to find the best Urdu fonts.

We did deep research and got an amazing website to download free more than 500 Urdu Fonts.

Urdunigaar is the world's most famous site to download Urdu fonts. You can download different font styles.

  • Stylish Fonts
  • Heading Urdu Fonts
  • Nastaleeq Urdu Fonts

Downloading and Installing Urdu Fonts From Urdunigaar

Find your favorite font and click on the download button. You can download fonts in TTF and Zip format. If you are installing Urdu Font on your Laptop download font in TTF format.

Double Click on the file after downloading the font in TTF format.

Boom! You have successfully installed the Urdu Font on your Laptop.

Now if you want to type Urdu in Ms word or any other application, simply select the Urdu Pakistan option from the bottom right corner of your Window.

Start writing in Urdu now only just following simple steps.

Happy learning!

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